5 Quick and simple strategies to transition from

digital marketing to demand generation 

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Why learn about demand generation?

Demand generation is the way many B2B companies build relationships with potential customers. And with the tech industry growing exponentially many organizations are looking for those with the skills and expertise to help grow their consumer base - which means MORE OPPORTUNITIES for you.

In this FREE Course, I will be sharing:

What is Demand Generation? What kinds of opportunities are available in demand generation and how to grow your career.

The Demand Gen toolbox - what tools you need to understand in creating successful demand gen strategies and how your experience with digital marketing sets you up for success.

Demand Gen software that helps you to coordinate, execute and track everything. Why you need to be familiar with the different software and how you can get the best from them.

The Demand Gen framework that is essential to ensure you create the right flow from indication of interest to engagement and finally to conversion into a customer.